Barbell the highest 20kg men's olympic bar

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  • Brand   Pegasus
  • Type   OB-2010
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Olympic Barbell 

Our Famous 3 cut knurling Olympic Barbell is now Beefed Up even more! check the specs below.
This is the ultimate barbell for any serious weightlifter.

Worlds first Olympic Barbell wih 3 cut knurling. The centre knurling is super fine to ensure you get a grip with back squats but not enough to scratch your upper chest. The power grip is slightly wider so you won’t get nasty shin scrapes. The outer knurling has an aggressive cut which gives you more grip where you need it the most.

This 3OSS Bar is manufactured from imported alloy composite with hardened chrome shaft, fitted with 50mm hardened chrome rotating sleeves with pro-needle bearings. The 3OSS Bar is built to be dropped perfect for any CrossFit Box.

86″ / 7ft / 220cm

Inner bar length: 131cm

Diameter: 28mm

Knurling: 28mm

Sleeve Diameter: 50mm

Weight: 20kg

Loading: tested up to 2000lb

Super fine centre knurling

Wider power grip knurling

Aggressive outer knurling

Special Harden chrome shaft

Special Harden Chrome sleeves

10 Needle bearings


Zero maintenance

IWF & IPF markings

215,000K PSI

Commercial grade

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